Salt + Lemon

Damian and Kerry-3This is a blog about sailing around on the ‘No Plan’ Plan. We have no time frame, no set itinerary. At some point, we’ll figure out a focus or a purpose – but for now, we’re just out to see, learn and experience as much as we can, for as far and as long as we’re enjoying ourselves.



Damian was born in the green countryside of West Sussex, England, but left the country altogether in his twenties, when he discovered Sydney, Australia.

He worked his backside off at the pointy end of corporate IT for 20 years, spending a large chunk of his life at 30,000 feet, commuting between continents. At 40, he retired.

To wean himself off corporate life, he bought a ‘renovator’s delight’ on Pittwater, a sleepy piece of paradise in Sydney’s north. He spent the next four years building a high-tech house and doing yacht deliveries in his spare time – notably on Sydney-Hobart winners, Wild Oats X and XI – by which time he was ready for the next adventure.

But it was another three years before he spotted Kerry on the telly one night and thought, ‘She’s orright’, tracked her down via Google and sent her an email…

Kerry was born and raised in Sydney, Australia (much of the time on Pittwater). After university, she bought a one-way ticket to Europe, told her boss, friends and family she was going travelling and that she’d be home in a year … and came home about eight years later.

After that, her obvious (only?) career path was the travel industry. Among other things, she owned and ran a PR and marketing consultancy specialising in ecotourism; published a book; wrote stories and feature articles; took photos; worked in television – basically anything that sustained her travel habit.

By 40, she’d travelled in over 100 countries, worked on all seven continents and sailed many of the oceans in between.

But it was another seven years before she received – out of the blue – an email from some ‘stalker’ who’d seen her on TV.

Then what?

Turns out, sailing off into the sunset was a shared dream, but neither of us would ever have guessed that within 18 months of meeting, we’d be the proud but stunned owners of a large sailing catamaran and preparing to swap Sydney life for one on the high seas.

Both of us had plenty of sea miles under our belts, but only ever on monohulls, not catamarans. We hadn’t sailed together, apart from crewing ‘round the cans on Pittwater a couple of times; and neither of us had ever actually owned or skippered a yacht.

So it’s a baptism by salt water: a couple of muppets heading into uncharted waters (at least for us).

Beyond here thar be dragons’ say the old nautical charts.

Well, look out, dragons.

The Salty Lemons…




2 thoughts on “Salt + Lemon

  1. Damian, it was great to meet you back in your IT days and I look forward to catching up over a few beers at sometime in the future!!


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