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Damian’s Tongariro Crossing Album

January, 2015

We hiked New Zealand’s finest one-day walk, the Tongariro Crossing, with our friends Irene and Lionel (Kiapa) and Diane and Graham (Maunie of Ardwell). I wrote about it here. I used my photos in that post, but Damian took some great photos on the day, so here’s Damian’s Tongariro Crossing…


Cruising Fiji, July to December, 2014.

We spent the winter season cruising aboard Sel Citron in Fiji, from SavuSavu (Vanua Levu) south via Namena and Makongi Islands to Viti Levu, along the north coast to Musket Cove on Malolo Lai Lai, then cruising up through the Yasawa Islands.

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Marrakech, Morocco, January, 2014.

Around about mid January, after a month of being restricted to indoors, shifting from couch to couch – not to mention suffering vitamin D deficiencies – we decided to do that most English of things: take a ‘Mini Break’.

Damian gave me about 48 hours notice but didn’t tell me where we were going. Turned out to be a three-day trip to Marrakech, and after a three-hour flight we were in warm sunshine, mad markets and clashing colours – a total contrast to rainy rural England! Spent our time getting lost in the souk, marvelling at the architecture, eating tagines and couscous and getting lost in the souk again. See the story on the Home page, in ‘View From the Shed, Part I”, April 2014.


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England: West Sussex, London, Derbyshire, Bath and Devon.

Our trip to the UK to spend Christmas with Damian’s family and to catch up with a few old friends. See more on the Home page, in the December, 2013 posts.

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The Vava’u Islands of Tonga, August to October, 2013

See more photos and the full story on the Home page, in the August, September and October 2013 posts.

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The Ha’apai Islands of Tonga, July, 2013

See the full posts (I and II) on the Home page, July 21, 2013.

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Ha’afeva Kids, Ha’afeva Island, Ha’apais, Tonga, July 2013.

We arrived in the village on Ha’afeva on a Sunday, when EVERYONE goes to church. The hymn-singing was amazing – it almost took the church roof off. Not sure if these kids were wagging…


Toka Ceremony, Tanna Island, Vanuatu, October, 2012

We serendipitously arrived in Vanuatu in time for a Toka festival, held on Tanna Island. See the full post on the Home page, October 24, 2012.

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Cruising with John and Christine, Vanuatu, October, 2012

We cruised around Port Vila, Vanuatu, with John and Christine, aboard their Switch 55 catamaran, Fantazia.

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Samoa, September 2012.

Escaping the Kiwi winter. See the full story posted on the Home page, September 25, 2012.