Leaving Vava’u


Neaifu, Tonga

Just a quick note to say we’re off: heading back to NZ, leaving tomorrow (Friday) – very, very sadly! Vava’u has been great and we’re very sorry to be leaving.

I will write a longer email while we’re at sea – it should take us about a week to get to Whangarei (yeah, right – just like the trip up….). Well hopefully NOT like the trip up. We’re leaving all of a sudden as Bruce, our weather man, reckons there is a good weather window to get to NZ without getting hit by anything really horrid, and it may be the best opportunity for a while, so we’re taking it….

Mou faka’au a e for now.

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Groundhog Day


September 29, 2012

Marsden Cove, New Zealand

By: Kerry

It’s like we never left: howling wind, driving rain, freezing cold. But we have a plan.

We’re heading to Sydney, via Vanuatu. Sel Citron is going to stay in Marsden Cove until next April, when cyclone season officially ends and – hopefully – we can head to the islands.

We need catamaran sailing experience and it’s getting close to the time when I need to go home to look after my Mum. So we’re meeting our friends, John and Christine to cruise on their 55-foot catamaran, Fantazia, for a week or so.

I’ll fly home from Port Vila and Damian will sail Fantazia, with John, to Bundaberg, Queensland.

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Don’t Reach for the Razor Blades


August 27, 2012

Marsden Cove, NZ

By: Damian

I’ve just read back my pages of prattle and before you head for the sharpest knife, or jump out of a high window, I need to again say that we wouldn’t have swapped the last few months for anything. Sure, there’s been lots of setbacks, a good few more than I’ve actually highlighted here, but they are to be expected, sort of…

We love the boat, it’s fantastic, the people we’ve met have been great, we’ve learnt so much and we’re happy.

We can also feel sure that when we do go to sea, the boat will be as good as it can be, as well-equipped as it can be and we will be as prepared as we can be.

So it’s just the muppets driving it that might cause problems!

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