A Short Sojourn in Sydney and Sussex

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sydney sojourn-8340We left Sel Citron tucked into a marina berth in Gulf Harbour, New Zealand in early February and headed back to Sydney, ostensibly en route to Fort Lauderdale, but also to catch up with friends, family… and so that Damian could get a nose job.

He was thinking something pert and upturned, but the doctor wasn’t up for it. In fact, it was more about function than form: he has had a deviated septum forever, which causes him all sorts of trouble – like, he can’t breathe. He’s been putting off the op for a couple of years, but it was time…

So he had the op – and it all went well – and he went into hibernation for a week as he felt too crappy to see anyone (thanks, Tanya and Mick, for the offer of a recuperation ‘cave’ and apologies to everyone he didn’t get to see!) while I ran around seeing everyone I could and spending some time with my family (thanks Hunters for use of your front room!).

Damian’s Dad lives in West Sussex and turns 80 in June. It’s not likely he’ll be able to get out to Sel Citron, so as a surprise, Damian flew to the UK and turned up in time for dinner. He then took Rob (his Dad) on a boys’ road trip to the south of France, to the Catana factory, where Sel Citron was built. They were able to look over a sister ship to Sel Citron (only 18 were built, so it was a fortunate coincidence that one was there on the dock) and see the new Catana 59 and do a factory tour.

They had a great time and, while in England, Damian also got to spend time with the rest of his family and to meet his new nephew, Harry, who was born in January. (Congratulations Bex and Karl!).

He then flew on to Florida and spent a weekend with his old work mate, Gary and his wife, Lynie.

Meanwhile, I did my own, solo road trip up to Queensland, arriving in time for floods – and a touch of déjà vu – to go and play with my cuzzy-bros and besties up there – thanks to Lee and Bill; Al and Ian; Nod and Ray and my ‘children’; Chrissie and Pete; Jules and Angelika; the Downey clan; and Max and Judie for putting me up and putting up with me!

I drove back to SYD for a last few frenzied days (thanks Pete and Gwyn, and Elaine, hostess with the mostess, for my sleepovers) then jumped on a plane and met Damian in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the next adventure…

~~~ ><(((°>  ><(((°> ><(((°> ~~~


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