Bula from Savusavu, Fiji!

Savusavu, Fiji

By: Kerry (posted a bit later…)

KL Birthday-2010Yep, we’re still here… Thought we’d have gone by now but a few things have kept us. Mostly me: I flew back to Sydney for the joint 50th birthday party for my sister, Sandra and brother-in-law, Dave. And a rip snorter it was! A really brief catch up with friends, and the usual boring stuff of dealing with tax bla bla.

Meanwhile, Damian stayed on the boat, trying to sort out a new set of house batteries (which decided to die the minute we arrived here) and generally manning the ship.

I flew back to Savusavu the day before my birthday. And on my birthday, Damian arranged for us to do a tour of the JS Hunter Pearl Farm here – “the rarest pearls in the world”. Officially ‘black’ pearls, but they come in all sorts of lustrous colours – the rarest being gold. I chose a gorgeous pendant with a pearl the colour of the sea – a deep bluish green. Love it. Totally spoiled.

And then we had friends over for a BBQ on board in the evening. Perfect.

~~~ ><(((°>  ><(((°> ><(((°> ~~~


3 thoughts on “Bula from Savusavu, Fiji!

  1. Hello Damian and Kerry thanks for your interesting journey.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

    Love Alwyn and Bernard xxx

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