Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Fiji

Fiji 2015-00352Accessing the internet is a perennial challenge for us – it’s infuriating how reliant we are on it, never more so than when we’re trying to do banking and sort finances. Our time in Vanua Balavu coincided with the end of the Australian Financial Year and we had a bunch of tax and superannuation stuff we needed to sort.

There was no signal in the Bay of Islands, so we had to dinghy around the corner, a couple of miles into 20 knot headwinds, clamber around a rocky headland and up a tree, insert the dongle…

After several frustrated attempts, we ended up phoning my sister, Sandra in Australia, who came to the rescue – again! Best. Sister. Ever.

~~~ ><(((°>  ><(((°> ><(((°> ~~~


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