Road Trip to Suva

Suva, Fiji

By: Kerry

Every now and again, it’s great to get off the boat and travel some other way: a road trip to Suva, with a shark dive thrown in, seemed like the perfect getaway.

We stayed the first night at Pacific Harbour, did the shark dive next morning, then carried on to Suva, where Irene and I hit the fruit and veg market for a gander.

We nabbed a very cool B&B on the outskirts of the city and next morning, Graham and Di, who had Maunie anchored in Suva Harbour, joined us for a spot of Rugby: Poms v Aussies in the quarter final of the World Cup. The local crowd was biased 4:2 in favour of the eventual victors, but Graham and Di were stoic in defeat.

Mid-morning saw us enjoying a coffee at the newly-refurbed Grand Colonial Pacific Hotel, where I asked if we could have a look at one or two of the historic suites.

On the way back to Nadi, we visited the Kula Eco Park where we saw some rare bird species and got to fondle some reptiles.

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