Family Time

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

By: Kerry

Fiji 2015-1338Just as we bought Sel Citron in 2012, my mother Corinne was diagnosed with secondary cancer. Consequently, our plan was to get the boat to the tropics as soon as we could so that she could come and stay with us while she was still well enough.

Sadly, her health deteriorated more quickly than anyone anticipated. Being a boat and water person all her life, she’d have loved to come cruising, and it was terribly sad for all of us that she never made it.

So having my uncle Graham, Mum’s only sibling, on board was the next best thing and we had a lovely time with him, my aunt Pat and cousin Katrina cruising the Yasawas.

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Swimming with Mantas

Drawaqa Island, Yasawas, Fiji

By: Kerry (images from internet)


As I slid from the dinghy into the water, a slate grey behemoth rose beneath me and slowly, gracefully disappeared in sinuous undulations into the deep cerulean sea ahead of me. Its movement was so effortless and graceful, it appeared to be flying, rather than swimming.

Between May and early October, a handful of manta rays appears in the shallow pass between Dravaqa and Naviti Islands in the Yasawa Islands and, at high tide and in the right conditions, snorkellers can get up close and personal as they feed on the nutrients that sweep through on the current.

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